New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (January 21, 2020): Lizzy Farrall, Astari Nite, The Prairie States, & More!

Lizzy Farrall 

Song: “Addict”
Album: Single
Artist location: Chester, England
Why I like it: Upbeat and catchy.

Astari Nite

Song: “Capulet Loves Montague”
Album: Single 
Band location: Miami, Florida 
Why I like it: Dark, gothic post-punk

The Prairie States

Song: “Every Little Town”
Album: Single
Band location: Edmonton
Why I like it: Folksy country

Walter Martin

Song: “First Thing I Remember”
Album: Single
Artist location: Brooklyn, New York
Why I like it: Quick-paced with a steady rhythm

Barbara Panther 

Song: “Feminine”
Album: Feminine
Artist location: Berlin, Germany and New York City, New York
Why I like it: Uplifting pop song

Peter Bjorn and John

Song: “On The Brink”
Album: Single
Band location: Stockholm, Sweden
Why I like it: Fun and catchy song.

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