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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (July 16, 2019): Swimming with Bears, Legion of Saints, Sunscreen, & More!

Artist: Swimming with Bears 
Song: “Don’t Think About It”
Album: Single
Band location: Austin, Texas

Why I like it: Fun and upbeat song.


Artist: Legion of Saints
Song: “Wretched Cabaret”
Killing the Silence EP
Band location: Ottawa

Why I like it: Dark and grungy


Artist: Sunscreen
Song: “High Over Love”
Album: Single
Band location: Sydney, Australia 

Why I like it: Indie pop with a cool vintage feeling


Artist: Secret Shame
Song: “Dark”
Album: Single
Band location: Asheville, Tennessee

Why I like it: Dark post-punk goth with towering synths


Artist: Kieth Mosfet
Song: “Superficial Hypocrite”
Album: Single
Artist location: Toronto

Why I like it: Fun and catchy song.


Artist: The Statistics
Song: “Sparks in the Night”
Album: Single
Band location: Prince George, BC

Why I like it: Upbeat song.


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