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Published on July 17th, 2018 | by Mathew Kahansky


New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (July 17, 2018): Jupiter Lion, The Velveteins, Trace Decay, and more!

Artist: Jupiter Lion

Song: “Un Sol Extraño”

Album/EP: We Will Lose Gracefully

Atmospheric and droning post-rock, “Un Sol Extraño” is an elaborate near-instrumental track that sits  on the fine tipping point between anxiety-inducing and…almost religious, if that makes any sense. Uplifting yet unnerving, the parts coalesce into a rolling ride you may not even realize stretches past 5 minutes.


Artist: The Velveteins

Song: “All Night Baby”

Album/EP: Slow Wave

Old-school 50s barber shop doo-wop with a heavy dose of modern indie psychedelia (or is it psychedelia with a dose of barber shop?), “All Night Baby” is a hooky, no frills tune. Catchy and lush without distraction, The Velveteins’ latest single can pull double duty as a hazy lullaby or sizzling slow dance.


Artist: Trace Decay

Song: “How Did It Come To This?”

Album/EP: Single

Broody yet funky, melancholic yet danceable, dark yet poppy, “How Did It Come To This?” is a stellar debut single from newcomer Trace Decay. Thick bass and disco-era swizzle drums bring the groove while the reflectively gloomy contrast the genial pop instrumentals.


Artist: Interpol

Song: “The Rover”

Album/EP: Marauder

From the highly-anticipated upcoming Interpol album, “The Rover” is a new age update of new-age post-punk NYC rock. Wandering syncopated guitar and fuzzed-out bass anchor the reverb-heavy crowing vocals – maybe a bit more radio-friendly than old-school Interpol fans are used to, but all the more evolving for new and old listeners alike.


Artist: The Black Delta Movement

Song: “Let The Rain Come”

Album/EP: Preservation

Gloomy hard rock meets a touch of psychedelic flair in “Let The Rain Come” – like the comedown from a bad trip. Darkly anticipatory of a doom that never quite arrives but is always approaching, The Black Delta Movement’s latest single is a driving, gripping, strangely white-knuckled yet not overly exhausting tune.


Artist: Tony Molina

Song: “Jasper’s Theme”

Album/EP: Kill The Lights

Melodic and reflective rock with a classic British tone, “Jasper’s Theme” is a sonic love note to the 60s. Swooning and swaying, this is the kind of ballad you’d see lighters raised for. The sub-two minute runtime also feels appropriately fleeting, like a bittersweet end to a summer romance.


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