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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (July 23, 2019): Live Well, Hunting, Alone I Walk, & More!

Artist: Live Well
Song: “Beach Time”
Album: Single
Band location: New York

Why I like it: Upbeat pop-punk


Artist: Hunting
Song: “Gold Day”
Album: Single
Band location: Vancouver

Why I like it: Laid-back indie rock


Artist: Alone I Walk
Song: “Get Up”
Album: Single
Band location: Winnipeg

Why I like it: Mid-2000s pop-punk/pop-emo sound 


Artist: John Van Deusen
Song: “Whatever Makes You Mine”
Album: Single
Artist location: Anacortes, Washington

Why I like it: Energetic and catchy tune


Artist: Sub Dio
Song: “Skeeters”
Sub Dio EP
Band location: San Francisco, California

Why I like it: Aggressive, angry punk

Listen here.

Artist: Merit 
Song: “Mediocrity Gets You (Des)Pears”
Album: Single
Band location: Landsale, Pennsylvania

Why I like it: Fun and quick-paced pop-punk


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