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New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (July 3, 2018): Free Cake for Every Creature, UPSAHL, Jealous of the Birds, and more!

Artist: Free Cake for Every Creature

Song: “In Your Car”

Album/EP: The Bluest Star

Stripped down and peaceful, this delicate indie darling from new Double Double Whammy signing Free Cake for Every Creature is quite the sleepy hit. Hazy slide guitar and breathy harmonics especially add to the vibe.


Artist: UPSAHL

Song: “Rough”

Album/EP: Single

Contemporary pop with an effervescent flair, “Rough” stays on its toes with shifting samples and bright instrumentals amidst UPSAHL’s confident crooning. A crowd pleasure for sure, this one’s an easy plug into the 2018 summer playlist.


Artist: Jealous of the Birds

Song: “Russian Doll”

Album/EP: The Moths Of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep

When the first verse of a song consists only of a single reverb-soaked guitar, a drum machine, and some lo-fi vocals, the songwriting is starkly on display. And when it hooks you through the rest of the track despite the lack of a chorus, well, that’s a real winner ladies and gentlemen. And Jealous of the Birds’ “Russian Doll” absolutely hits that mark – quietly ambitious songwriting wrapped in alt-rock familiarity, Naomi Hamilton’s imagery and instrumental simplicity are well worth the listen.


Artist: LUI HILL

Song: “Words Become Useless”

Album/EP: Single

Dark and brooding R&B that straddles the line with groove pop, “Words Become Useless” plays like an imploding relationship in slow motion. Emotional, dramatic, painful, the noire single from LUI HILL stands on the precipice of the void – if these synths and drums ever have a horrific breakdown, this song is the prologue.


Artist: Dizzy

Song: “Joshua”

Album/EP: Baby Teeth

If LUI HILL’s tune was the imploding relationship, Dizzy’s latest single “Joshua” is the heart-achingly slow-burning heat death of an entire romantic universe. Katie Munshaw’s haunting eloquence is perfectly paired with Dizzy’s low-key instrumental presence, letting the vocals spin their tale front and centre as the pining guitars bubble up beneath. Whatever hope the backing track plucks into thought is quashed in the most beautifully bleak realism of Munshaw’s lyrics. Relatable, right?


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