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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Jun 11, 2019): Plague Vendor, Kick Up The Fire, Craig’s Brother, & More!

Artist: Plague Vendor
Song: “New Comedown”
By Night
Band location: Whittier, California

Why I like it: Fun and upbeat.


Artist: Kick Up The Fire
Song: “Movers & Shakers”
Album: Single
Band location: London, England

Why I like it: Punk with a groove.


Artist: Craig’s Brother
Song: “Follow Your Heart-Meilynn’s Song”
Album: Single
Band location: Santa Cruz, California

Why I like it: Fast-paced, but heartfelt punk written for the frontman’s daughter.


Artist: The Darling Fire
Song: “Saints in Masquerade”
Album: Single
Band location: South Florida

Why I like it: Slower tempo rock with etherial female voices.


Artist: Beoga
Song: “Let You Go” feat. Anderson East
Album: Single
Band location: Ireland

Why I like it: Relaxing


Artist: Thick 
Song: “Your Mom”
Album: Single
Band location: Brooklyn, New York

Why I like it: Angry, aggressive all female punk trio.


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