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Published on June 19th, 2018 | by Mathew Kahansky


New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (June 19, 2018): Low Cut Connie, BC Unidos, Young The Giant, and more!

Artist: Low Cut Connie

Song: “Hey! Little Child”

Album/EP: Dirty Pictures (Part 2)

A bit of old-school shuffle rock with a touch of the new millennium (is that a whoop I hear?), this slow-burn sizzler is the kind tune you’d use to close out a night at the dives. The stumbling drums and overexposed vocals especially add to the ambiance.


Artist: BC Unidos

Song: “Take It Easy (ft. U.S. Girls, Ledinsky)”

Album/EP: Otro Mundo Es Posible

The strings, oh, the strings! A subtly doo-woppy effort from Grammy-winning producer team BC Unidos, the featured vocals by U.S. Girls and Ledinsky and a wonderful orchestral touch are what really elevate this laid-back tune. That hook will get stuck in your head and the voices will get the hair on your neck tingling, but those instrumentals are really something else.


Artist: Young The Giant

Song: “Simplify”

Album/EP: Single

Bright radio-ready alt rock with an especially meaty guitar tone, “Simplify” is the latest offering from mega-hit maker Young The Giant. Lofty, sunny, and driving through and through, “Simplify” is a simple listen that beckons the listener to just take it all in.


Artist: Johnny Mafia

Song: “Big Brawl”

Album/EP: Princes de l’Amour

Fuzzed and frenzied modern punk with just a twinge of a pop inclination, “Big Brawl” is an exhilarating and exhaustive riot from start to finish. Clocking in at just about two and a half minutes (be sure to give the video intro a chance) the song sprints by much quicker than you’d think – but just long enough to leave that bug in your ear.


Artist: Lola Kirke

Song: “Supposed To”

Album/EP: Heart Head West

Gospel meets country meets rock in a tune you’d expect to hear in a hoedown just as likely as a dance hall, “Supposed To” also has that touch of just enough rebellion to make it appealing. Kirke’s delicate vocals also add an element of breathiness – but truth to be told, I’d fully expect a live rendition of this song to have a bit more bite.


Artist: Wax Mannequin

Song: “Someone Fixed The Game”

Album/EP: Have A New Name

What seems like a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek self-effacing monologue actually hides much deeper meaning in the leading track from Wax Mannequin’s newest album. “Someone Fixed The Game” actually has a bit of a universal edge, which when coupled with an incredible dichotomy of gravelly/flowery vocals and some clever songwriting, makes for a solid lead-off indeed.


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