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New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Mar 20, 2018): Cold Fronts, Arthur Alexander, STUMPS, and more!

Artist: Cold Fronts

Song: “This Always Happens”

Album/EP: Fantasy du Jour

Slick rock a la The Strokes but with more emphasis on the bass and less on the guitars, “This Always Happens” carries the garage-born torch. There’s also some loose Franz Ferdinand influences in the shiny tones coming out of those amps, lending some oomph to the fuzzy vocals.


Artist: Arthur Alexander

Song: “One Bar Left”

Album/EP: One Bar Left

The lyrical content may be silly – or terrifying, depending on your personal battery anxiety – but when a song rips, it rips. Fiery riffs, explosive drums, and relentless harmonies come together in an old-school rock ‘n roll throwback with all of the edge of a punk veteran. Kind of what you’d expect from a proper old-timer, right?


Here, because that’s a private SoundCloud embed that can’t be copied.

Artist: STUMPS

Song: “This Home Is Mine”

Album/EP: Just Another Stay At Home Son

“Like the Fratellis, but whiskey-soaked.” Gosh, PR speak can be so entertaining sometimes, but at least it’s accurate in this case. A tired-soul-but-still-kicking sort of triumphant, “This Home Is Mine” is the kind of pump-up song to save for when you’re down but not out. Maybe it’s the noticeable emo influences, or STUMPS’ lead singer’s incredibly rich voice, or the comeback-inspiring gang vocals – you just can’t help feeling the vibe.


Artist: Rich Aucoin

Song: “The Dream”

Album/EP: Hold

Fever dreamy with the slightest hint of that characteristic future-dance-punk Aucoin style and a bass line that won’t quit, “The Dream” is the perfect mix between space-out and groove-along. Trading in the frenzied sweating for some mellower synths and vibes (like, the instrument), there’s plenty of swirling, melding, coalescing parts in this tune to unpack as you float along with it.


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