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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (March 10, 2020) Hot Milligan, Five North, Hannah Georgas, & More!

Hot Mulligan

Song: “*Equip Sunglasses*”
Album: You’ll Be Fine
Band location: Lansing, Michigan
Why I like it: Catchy and upbeat.

Five North 

Song: “This Mess”
Album: Scumbag
Band location: Santa Clarita, California
Why I like it: Quick-paced pop-punk.

Hannah Georgas

Song: “That Emotion”
Album: Single
Artist location: Vancouver
Why I like it: Laid back and relaxing sound.

Peach Pit

Song: “Black Licorice”
Album: Single
Band location: Vancouver
Why I like it: Chill indie.

Donovan Woods

Song: “Grew Apart”
Album: Single
Artist location: Toronto
Why I like it: Symphonic sounds interplay with classic singer-songwriter tune.

Young Thieves

Song: “Home”
Album: Single
Band location: New York, New York
Why I like it: Anthemic sound.

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