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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (May 12, 2020): The Mariachi Ghost, Alex the Astronaut, Peter Bibby’s Dog Act, & More!

The Mariachi Ghost

Song: “Puro Dolor”
Album: Puro Dolor
Band location: Winnipeg
Why I like it: Upbeat, full of emotion, with Spanish lyrics.

Alex the Astronaut

Song: “Lost”
Album: Single
Artist location: Sydney, Australia
Why I like it: Driving rhythm.

Peter Bibby’s Dog Act 

Song: “Oceans”
Album: Single
Artist location: Perth, Australia
Why I like it: Gritty, grungy sound.

All To Get Her

Song: “Disaster” (acoustic version)
Album: Single
Band location: Switzerland
Why I like it: Stripped-down pop-punk/emo.

Call Me Malcolm

Song: “Wake Up, The Monster Said”
Album: Single
Band location: London, England
Why I like it: Fast-paced ska-punk

Single Mothers

Song: “I’m Wrong”
Album: Single
Band location: London
Why I like it: Aggressive punk.

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