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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (May 28, 2019): Northern Haze, Ramona Hammer, The Dead Sound, & More!

Artist: Northern Haze
Song: “Qainna”
Album: Single
Band location: Igloolik, Nunavut

Why I like it: Heavy rock sung in Inuttitut.


Artist: Ramonda Hammer 
Song: “Hoax”
Album: Single
Band location: Los Angeles, California

Why I like it: Gritty with strong female vocals.


Artist: The Dead Sound
Song: “Into the Dark”
Album: Single
Band location: Germany

Why I like it: Fuzzy post-punk


Artist: Diamond Thug
Song: “Tell Me”
Gaiafy EP
Band location: Cape Town, South Africa

Why I like it: Rich harmonies


Artist: pronoun
Song: “stay”
i’ll show you stronger
Artist location: Brooklyn, New York

Why I like it: Upbeat and fun sounding.


Artist: Perry Farrell
Song: “Pirate Punk Politician”
Album: Single
Artist location: Queens, New York

Why I like it: Quick paced alt rock


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