New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (November 10, 2020): Baby Queen, Closetjudas, Oscar Scheller, & More!

Baby Queen

Song: “Want Me”
Album: Single
Artist location: London, England
Why I like it: Driving beat with deadpan lyrical delivery.


Song: “borders”
Album: non sequitur EP
Artist location: Hamilton
Why I like it: Raw, low-fi punk
Listen here.

Oscar Scheller 

Song: “Half Eaten”
Album: Single
Artist location: London, UK
Why I like it: Modern emo.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Song: “Tally-Ho”
Album: Single
Band location: Perth, Australia
Why I like it: Groovy beats and catchy rhythms

Goan Dogs 

Song: “Shut Up”
Album: Single
Band location: Bristol, England
Why I like it: Dark synths and warped guitars.

Sealand Airlines

Song: “We Have What We Have”
Album: Single
Band location: Ukraine
Why I like it: Heavy guitars and dreamy vocals.

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