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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Oct. 1, 2019): Dalton Deschain & the Travelling Show, The New Pornographers, Walk Off the Earth, & More!

Artist: Dalton Deschain & the Travelling Show
Song: “Man/Thing”
Casey EP
Band location: New York, New York

Why I like it: Spooky sounding.

Listen here.

Artist: The New Pornographers
Song: “Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile”
Album: Single
Band location: Vancouver

Why I like it: Fun pop.


Artist: Walk Off the Earth
Song: “Home Alone”
Album: Single
Band location: Burlington

Why I like it: Upbeat and catchy.


Artist: Team Dresch
Song: “Your Hands, My Pockets”
Album: Single
Band location: Portland, Oregon

Why I like it: Quick-paced and aggressive.


Artist: Longwave 
Song: “If We Ever Live Forever”
Album: Single
Band location: New York, New York

Why I like it: Haunting rock.


Artist: September Mourning
Song: “Hiding from Heaven”
Album: Single
Band location: US

Why I like it: Full of emotion.


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