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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Oct. 29, 2019): Austerity, Thunderpussy, Yacht Rock Revue, & More!

Artist: Austerity 
Song: “Nice Guy”
Album: Single
Band location: Brighton, England

Why I like it: Driving anarcho-punk


Artist: Thunderpussy
Song: “Powerhouse”
Album: Single
Band location: Seattle, Washington

Why I like it: Powerful sound.


Artist: Yacht Rock Revue 
Song: “Step”
Album: Single
Band location: Atlanta, Georgia

Why I like it: Disco vibes


Artist: Sawyer
Song: “Emotional Girls”
Less Than More Than EP
Band location: Nashville, Tennessee

Why I like it: Sweet vocals, high energy


Artist: French 79 
Song: “By Your Side” ft. Sarah Rebecca
Album: Single
Band location: Marseille, France

Why I like it: Pulsating beat


Artist: Mondo Cozmo
Song: “Come On”
Album: Single
Band location: Los Angeles, California

Why I like it: Old school blues rock vibes.


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