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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Sept. 24, 2019): Lucie Tiger, True Moon, Javva, & More!

Artist: Lucie Tiger
Song: “Baby Don’t You Go”
Album: Single
Artist location: Sydney, Australia

Why I like it: Relaxing folk.


Artist: True Moon
Song: “My Revolution”
Album: Single
Band location: Sweden

Why I like it: Synth-filled gothic post-punk.


Artist: Javva
Song: “Kua Fu”
Album: Single
Band location: Poland

Why I like it: Catchy rhythms.


Artist: Wildlife
Song: “No Control”
Album: Single
Band location: Toronto

Why I like it: Fun indie rock.


Artist: The Dirty Nil 
Song: “Idiot Victory”
Album: Single
Band location: Hamilton

Why I like it: Upbeat and anthemic.


Artist: Helga
Song: “Mörker”
The Autumn Lament EP
Artist location: Dalarna, Sweden

Why I like it: Dark and eery sounding.


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