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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (September 15, 2020): Boy Becomes Hero, Bleacher Days, La Femme, & More!

Boy Becomes Hero

Song: “Restitution” feat. Garret Rapp
Album: Single
Band location: Michigan
Why I like it: Balance between melodic vocals and heavy instrumentals

Bleacher Days 

Song: “Icarus”
Album: Single
Band location: Avon, Massachussetts 
Why I like it: Chill blend of emo and hip-hop

La Femme

Song: “Paradigme”
Album: Single
Band location: Biarttiz, France
Why I like it: Upbeat and fun.

Bobby Royale

Song: “Bang Bang Boogie”
Album: Single
Band location: Sweden
Why I like it: Cool blend of New Orleans Jazz and hip hop.


Song: “Soy Lo Que Soy” feat. Sotomayor
Album: Single
Artist location: Lecce, Italy
Why I like it: Hypnotic rhythms.

Kevee Lynch

Song: “Can You Write a Song for Me?”
Album: Single
Artist location: London, England
Why I like it: Driving punk.

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