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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (September 29, 2020): Dead Low, The Brooks, Still Corners, & More!

Dead Low 

Song: “Listen Up!”
Album: Listen Up! EP
Band location: Massachussetts
Why I like it: Angry, aggressive punk.
Listen here:

The Brooks 

The Brooks at Cafe Olimpico and St-Laurent / Van Horne underpass, Mile End Montreal.

Song: “Gameplay”
Album: Single
Band location: Montreal
Why I like it: Funky riffs and full of soul.

Still Corners

Song: “The Last Exit”
Album: Single
Band location: London, England
Why I like it: Dreamy vocals with melancholic vibes.

Blame My Youth

Song: “Fantastic”
Album: Single
Artist location: Chicago, Illinois
Why I like it: Anthemic chorus


Song: “Lovin’ It”
Album: Single
Artist location: Brampton
Why I like it: Hip-hop mashed with punk energy

Violet Night 

Song: “wallflower (none of this means anything”
Band location: Toronto
Why I like it: Dark and driving instrumentals.

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