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New Music from the Inbox: Valley, Aziya, Giulia., and more!

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Artist: Valley

With sparkly hooks, irresistible beats, and nonchalantly delivered lyrics about the state of society, this song is perfect to scream/sing with your friends while driving with the windows down on a summer night you’ll never forget. Valley explains that SOCIETY is them “accepting the terms and conditions of our identity, songs and career, the fact that we’ll never be able to please everyone but also coming to terms that no matter what the public considers to be a “hit”, we tell ourselves we’re always going to follow our own artistic arrow.”


Artist: Aziya
Song: Blood
EP: We Speak of Tides

This song instantly grabs attention with punchy drums, shimmering guitar lines, and an overall sharp and energetic drive. According to the 21 year-old artist, Blood is “an attempt to remind a family member that we are literally blood related. It explores my frustrations in realising that there are no loyalties or sense of bond between us and how confusing that is. I wanted the track to highlight the intensity I was feeling when this particular loved one felt so distant.” Aziya’s debut EP, We Speak of Tides, will be out July 2!


Artist: Giulia.
Song: Baby D*ke
EP: Night Before

Giulia.’s new song Baby D*ke glows with a contagious optimism and freedom. A fitting release during pride month, Giulia. says this song “recognizes that – hey, you’re new to this, you’re a ‘baby’ in our eyes, but we’re happy to have you. So yes, I’m just a baby dyke, and I may be self-conscious and unsure of how to navigate this, but at least I’m here, and I can finally say that much, which is better than saying nothing at all.” Find it on her genre-bending EP, Night Before, out June 25!


Artist: Talk Bazaar
Song: in the black
Album: oceanic

Dark and rich indie music, with a dynamic mix of acoustic and synth textures. This is the second single from Talk Bazaar’s upcoming album, oceanic, out June 17!


Artist: Adna
Song: Don’t Know
Album: Black Water

Bitter-sweet and lush dream-pop from Adna’s upcoming album, Black Water, out September 17!


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