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New Music from the Inbox: Wallows, Jordan Klassen, Moore Kismet, and more!

Artist: Wallows
Songs: Especially You
Album: Tell Me That It’s Over

Especially You is the second taste of music from Wallows’ sophomore album, Tell Me That It’s Over, out March 25! Dylan Minnette explains it’s about “when you’re in the early stages of a relationship and you get so worried that the other person’s mind will change at the flip of a switch. It’s about stressing over the smallest things for no reason, but it’s definitely self-aware about the fact that I’m doing this all to myself.” 


Artist: Jordan Klassen
Song: Niko
Album: Glossolalia

Poetic and warm folk music from Jordan Klassen’s upcoming album, Glossolalia, out April 8!


Artist: Jei-Rynn
Song: Screaming Inside

This is the debut single from LA based alt-pop artist Jei-Rynn. Explaining the tune he says: “Screaming Inside” is a post-pandemic, zillennial anthem that speaks to all of the pressing anxieties of the modern era, both personal and societal. Lyrically inspired by the recent threat of increased Asian-American hate crimes in America (the first line “stare at me like I’m a disease” was inspired by ugly looks Jei-Rynn received from strangers in the supermarket during the beginning of the pandemic), the song looks social silencing and young depression dead in the eye.


Artist: Moore Kismet feat. Pauline Herr
Song: Parallel Heartbreak

This emotional new pop song is from 17-year-old Moore Kismet’s upcoming debut album, UNIVERSE, which will be out this year!


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