New Music From The Inbox: Womb, FEMME, The Royal Concept, White Ash Falls, & Fishdoctor

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Womb “Baby Don’t Love Me”
Really diggin this band right now. They have this course kind-of jazzy-garage-punk sound going on, and they couple it with these really horse-throat vocals to write the kind of strained love songs that’ll get you through the night.

Sounds like: “My baby don’t love me, how about that? My baby don’t love me, Lord I know it’s sad.”


Artist: FEMME “Heartbeat”
Double A Side (Fever Side / Heartbeat)
FEMME is UK songstress Laura Bettinson, and “Heartbeat” is a really intriguing track. While it has this playful nature, it also has a whole lot of edge. I admire an indie artist like this because as it turns out, the singles, the songwriting, the artwork, the videos and the production are 100% Bettinson’s, and this video really gives off the impression that she knows what she’s all about.

Sounds like: “Why would you want this, you should never want this.”


Artist: The Royal Concept “On Our Way”
Royal EP
This song is just completely infectious and the harmonies are bang-on. I will be very surprised if we don’t hear this tune on the radio some time soon. 

Sounds like: “We are young, we are one, let it shine for what it’s worth.”


Artist: White Ash Falls “Running Scared”
Over The Night
“Running Scared” was the first track released off of White Ash Falls sophomore album, which came out earlier this week, and it’s a beauty. Breezy folky vocals and a little country twang.

Sounds like: Guitar folk.


Artist: Fishdoctor “Jacket”
Despite this song’s mellow overtone, Michael Romano’s vocals have such a lively presence. Coupled with lush harmonies that echo overtop and in between single note flourishes of surf guitar, it’s a transportive track.

Sounds like:  “In the hour where we all come to life…”


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