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New Music from the Inbox: Yaeji, Siv Jakobsen, Braids, and more!

Artist: Yaeji
Song: For Granted
Album: With A Hammer

For granted is from boundary-pushing electronic artist Yaeji’s debut album, With A Hammer, out April 7th!


Artist: Siv Jakobsen
Song: Gardening
Album: Gardening

This elegant, vibrant folk song feels timeless. Sonic sunshine! Siv Jakobsen’s new album is out now!


Artist: Braids
Song: Evolution
Album: Euphoric Recall

This euphoric synth-pop comes from Braids’ upcoming 5th album, which will be out on April 8th!


Artist: Overmono
Song: Is You
Album: Good Lies

This electronic track will be on Overmono’s debut album Good Lies, out May 12th!


Artist: CVC
Song: Music Stuff
Album: Get Real

A feel-good indie-rock song with delicious guitar lines, lively piano, and an irresistible live energy. CVC’s debut album is out now!


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