New Music From The Inbox, 11 Feb 2015: Teen Daze, Heavy Hearts, Night Riots and More!

Artist: Teen Daze, “Another Night”

Album: A World Away

Teen Daze

Fantastic electronics from this British Columbia artist.

Sounds like: Building the energy


Artist: Heavy Hearts, “Garden Arm”  

Album: Somewhere, A While Ago

Heavy Hearts

Great stuff from this band out of St. Catherines, Ontario

Sounds like: Just rockin’!


Artist: Night Riots, “Contagious”

Album: Howl

Night Riots

Pretty impressed with this west coast outfit…

Sounds like: A beautiful mix of style and substance


Artist: Liturgy, “Quetzalcoatl”

Album: The Art Work


Great sounds, dark sounds out of New York.

Sounds like: Living with the demons


Artist: Clemency, “We Have Love”

Album: You’ve Got The Fire


Brothers from Oklahoma making great music in Nashville

Sounds like: The art of the story


Artist: The Bright Light Social Hour, “Infinite Cities”

Album: Space Is Still The Place

The Bright Light Social Hour

Awesome stuff out of Austin, Texas

Sounds like: Just a swirl of alt-pop daydreams


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