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New Music From The Inbox: The Dig, Sur Back, Charlotte Day Wilson, and more!

Artist: The Dig
Song: Moonlight Baby

Album: Moonlight Baby

The Dig released one of my favourite albums of 2017 with Bloodshot Tokyo, so I was thrilled to see the warm and groovy Moonlight Baby in my inbox this week. I love The Dig for their incredible melodies and rhythms which are impossible not to dance to, both of which Moonlight Baby has. Plus, the piano riff that comes in at the end makes me ridiculously happy. If you find me smiling with headphones in you can bet I’m listening to this song.


Artist: Sur Back

Song: Anyone Else

This orchestral piece is absolutely ethereal. Different sections are tied together by dreamy vocals and strings that swell and recede like the tide. It also has a delicate sort of sadness to it, as well as a magical surreal quality, making this the perfect break up song for mermaids.


Artist: Charlotte Day Wilson

Song: Nothing New

Don’t let the title fool you, Nothing New is refreshingly ambitious. With pulsing synths and velvety vocals, this dark and dreamy electro song is captivating from start to finish.


Artist: Hollie Cook
Song: Angel Fire

Album: Vessel of Love

Angel Fire is reggae with a fresh electronic twist. This combination of laid back reggae vibes, synths, plus bright horns make this song an undeniably good time.



Artist: George FitzGerald
Song: Anyone Else
Album: All That Must Be

Roll Back is a huge electronic track with a strikingly honest and emotional quality. The build in intensity from beginning to end makes this an incredibly satisfying listen!


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