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New Music From The Inbox: GROOMS, Kêta, Christian Punk Band, Murdering Tripping Blues, Party of One

By: Juliette Jagger

Artist: GROOMS “Doctor M”
Album: Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair

Beautifully balancing pop structures with ambient electronics and experimental production, Combs… marks a change of direction for this Williamsburg outfit. On “Doctor M” we hear a contemplative Travis Johnson exploring his long time struggles with addiction against the backdrop of head-bopping psychedelic pop hooks.



Artist: Kêta “Wooden Horse”
Album: Single
“Wooden Horse” is the latest from Indiana-bred singer-songwriter Kêta (pronounced Kee-TAH), whose ability to blend a distinct tone, thoughtful melodies and lyrical honesty with banjo riffs and stomping percussion brings to mind both Imogen Heap and The Lumineers.



Artist: Christian Punk Band “Bang Bang”
Off of this Toronto outfit’s self-titled debut album, “Bang Bang” is hardly Christian punk. Erring more on the side of pop driven indie rock, Christian Punk Band (who have vocalist and frontman Christian Turner to thank for their namesake), recall the likes of Motion City Soundtrack (circa Commit This To Memory) and even a little Jimmy Eat World.



Artist: Murdering Tripping Blues “Stumblin’ Blues”
Pas un Autre

Reverb drenched guitars and the weight of muddy Mississippi waters.

Link/Listen/Watch: Stream HERE!


Artist: Party of One “Watch The Heads Roll”
Streetside Surprise

After an eleven-year hiatus, Party of One are back at it with their latest single “Watch While The Heads Roll,” a rhythmically hypnotic and lyrically overcast track that revels in its own subduedness.


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