New Music from the Inbox for January 15, 2018: Mobley, The Inoculated Canaries, Now, Now, & More!

Artist: Mobley
Song:”Tell You”
Album: Single

Mobley singlehandedly writes, performs, and produces all his music, showing just how important his art is to him.


Artist: The Inoculated Canaries
Song: “Count Me Out”
Album: Trying Times EP

New York-based rockers The Inoculated Canaries write about personal experiences.


Artist: Now, Now
Song: “SGL”
Album: Single

One of Now, Now’s latest singles, the Minneapolis duo piles buzzing and swirling vintage synths into towering sounds.


Artist: Wilderman
Song: “Cog”
Album: Single

From his upcoming album due in April, Wilderman blends influences from David Byrne, Brian Eno, and Paul Simon, among others, to create polyrhythmic pop music.


Artist: Down & Out
Song: “Horizon” feat. Nick Thompson
Album: Single

Brisbane four-piece Down & Out teams up with Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights for a fun, upbeat pop-punk track.


Artist: Synapson
Song: “Hide Away” feat. Holly Martin
Album: Single

Synapson’s latest single has a stadium dance anthem feel blended with an effortless French funk vibe.


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