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New Music From The Inbox: Kim Churchill, Sensei, Vancouver Sleep Club, Pony Boy, IVANUNKNOWN

By: Juliette Jagger

Artist: Kim Churchill “Window To The Sky”
Album: Silence Win

There is a distinct and absolute freedom about Churchill’s voice that speaks directly to his thirst for wonder and adventures had as a former vagabond busker and surfer.

Sounds like: “I think I find the most solace in not knowing where I am going and not knowing how I am going to get there. That way each moment contains the seed of mystery and the excitement of receiving exactly what a person with no expectations expects; nothing. And nothing is the perfect canvas for anything.”


Artist: Sensei “Lumen”
It can often be difficult for a noise rock band to bridge that gap between total obscurity and definite appeal but these guys do it incredibly well. It’s all about those subtle vocal flourishes and their use of driving guitar melody.

Sounds like: Hamilton.

Link/Listen/Watch: Stream it HERE.

Artist: Vancouver Sleep Clinic “Flaws”
Winter EP
Delicately hanging in the balance between the seemingly endless ache of heartbreak and what lives there after.

Sounds like: “The weight, I’m gone / In my skin, I’m lost / Tangled in the bones of this love / Melding to the flow of your blood.”


Artist: Pony Boy “The Devil In Me”
The Devil In Me EP
Nashville transplant, Pony Boy, has this succinct ability to create well-crafted pop songs that relish against a backdrop off vintage instrumentation, simmering vocal arrangements and a penchant for ominous storytelling.

Sounds like: Dark and sultry Americana.


Artist: IVANUNKOWN “Make It By” Ft.  Saukrates

This is the latest from Toronto soul-pop artist IVANUNKNOWN. Featuring Canadian Hip-Hop veteran Saukrates, it’s a blend of slow-burning 90’s R&B and deeply confessional lyrics wrapped up in electronic flourishes and this subtle yet hooky chorus that unexpectedly steps in from out in left field.

Sounds like: “My demons can fight when I’m dead, I see this thing clear when I’m red.”


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