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New Music From The Inbox: LOSTON, Gliss, Barzin, The Shelters, JD Samson & MEN

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: LOSTON – Sampha “Too Much” (Reworking)
2013 has definitely been the year of the slow-jam. We have seen a number of really great indie artists mixing rhythmic R&B with bottom heavy bass and synths to create these dark, twisted and breathless tracks that conjure things which belong to the night, and Australia’s LOSTON is no exception. I am so into this song right now.

Sounds like:  “Don’t think about it to much, to much, to much…”
Link/Listen/Watch: Stream HERE.

Artist: Gliss “Waves”

Album: Langsom Dans (Deluxe Edition)
Faded but making every effort to beautifully surge forward.

Sounds like: “You won’t say goodbye, you will live tonight again…”


Artist: Barzin “All The While”
Album: To Live Alone In That Long Summer

Featuring minimalist arrangements and bright, brisk tempos, “All The While” is melancholic yet incredibly hopefully.

Sounds like: “All the while you wait for your heart to wake-up…”

Artist: The Shelters “Les Fleur Du Mal”

Album: Penny Gaff

Garage punk with a penchant for love and death, highs and crushing lows.

Sounds like: “On no, no, n-no, you got yourself no soul.”
Link/Listen/Watch: Stream HERE.

Artist: JD Samson & MEN “All The Way Thru
Album: Labor

Quirky beats and lush melodies.

Sounds like: “I love you so deep it goes all the way tru, all the way tru.”

Juliette Jagger

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