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New Music From The Inbox (March 27, 2017): DYLYN, Fake Shark, Bellwoods & more!

By: Juliette Jagger (@juliettejagger)

Artist: DYLYN
Song: “Secret”
Album/EP: Single

From Toronto pop songstress DYLYN, “Secret” is a deeply personal track about discovering infidelity in one’s family and about how it flips a kid’s world upside down.

PS. Check out her killer debut single “Mimosa” if you haven’t already heard it––I literally cannot get enough of this girl.



Artist: Bed Legs
Song: “Vicious”
Album/EP: Black Bottle

From Braga, Portugal-based band Bed Legs “Vicious” delivers blues rock with a bite.



Artist: Fake Shark
Song: “Heart 2 Heart”
Album/EP: Faux Real

Off of their forthcoming album, Faux Real, which is due out on May 26th via Light Organ Records, “Heart 2 Heart” from Vancouver dance rock trio Fake Shark is a sickly sweet synth-pop jam that revisits a once upon a time night of hard partying with old friends.



Artist: Calcedon
Song: “Sparrow”
Album/EP: Echo In

Moved by a desire to engage the broken aspects of her life, Hamilton-native Brielle Goheen formed electro-pop project Calcedon. “Sparrow” is her first offering and it’s the sort of track that asks the listener to sit with it, trust it, and seek to find beauty in its dissonance.


Artist: Bellwoods
Song: “Don’t’ Go Losing Sleep”
Album/EP: Single

Toronto duo Bellwoods have returned with a brand new single entitled, “Don’t Go Losing Sleep.” Though the song’s Dylan-esc vocals, two-part harmonies, and folkie acoustic swing are quite a departure from the pair’s HotAC hit a couple years ago, if you know anything about this band this song feels much more like home.


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