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New Music From The Inbox (March 6, 2017): BORDEEN, STACEY, ACES, ZZ Ward, LÉON

By: Juliette Jagger (@juliettejagger)

Song: “Ocean Tide”
Album/EP: Stiver

Off of their debut LP, Stiver, “Ocean Tide” from Toronto sibling-trio BORDEEN is a wistfully melancholic indie rock tune about accepting the aspects of your life that you cannot control and finding freedom and hope in that surrender.



Artist: STACEY
Song: “First Move”
Album/EP: Single

Off of her forthcoming sophomore EP, “First Move,” from indie pop songstress STACEY is unabashed in its own nakedness. Awash in synths and silky smooth vocals, the track does an incredible job of isolating those delicate first moments between two people when everything still hangs in the balance between uncertainty and the sort of intensity that gives way to full-blown love.



Artist: ACES
Song: “Baby I Don’t’ Mean To Ignore”
Album/EP: Stranger

Best described as “pop music on muscle-relaxers”, ACES [aka Alexandra Stewart] has finally returned with the first offering off of her long-awaited debut EP Strangers. The track, which is titled, “Baby I Don’t Mean To Ignore,” follows on the heels of a string of critically-acclaimed previous singles and perfectly pairs airy synths with bassy-backbeats that sit just beneath the surface of Stewart’s breathless, weighty vocals.



Artist: ZZ Ward Ft. Joey Purp
Song: “The Deep”
Album/EP: Single

Critically acclaimed artist and multi-instrumentalist ZZ Ward is back with a brand new single titled “The Deep”, which features a cameo from Joey Purp of Chicago’s [Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa] crew. If this soulful, southern infused R&B/blues mashup is any indication of what we can expect out of the rest of the album, it should be a doozy.



Artist: LÉON
Song: “For You”
Album/EP: For You

Off of her sophomore EP of the same name, “For You,’ from Stockholm native LÉON is a hit in the making. This track not only owns the pain that accompanies a line like, “Baby you are messed up / Special / Tell me was that special for you?” but leaves a thank you note for the ex-lover that provided the fodder for her fire cause it’s burning bright.


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