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New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Jan 16, 2018): si,irene, Mallrat, Western Scene, and more!

Artist: si,irene

Song: “awful pop song”

Album/EP: BEES

Whimsical and melancholic, this indie math rock tune is a true breath of fresh air. Syncopation doesn’t necessarily breed complication, and si,irene’s take is especially effective at staying light yet layered. Plus it’s the perfect introduction to Eastern-inspired guitar rock – why not expand your horizons a little bit?


Artist: Mallrat

Song: “Better”

Album/EP: Single

Oceania has been producing some serious teenage modern pop sensations lately. Following closely in the same lyrical depth and vocal prowess as Lorde, Mallrat’s “Better” hits the reflective-anthem-for-a-17-year-old vibe perfectly. The melody carries this one, but don’t forget to don headphones to get the full ambiance.


Artist: Western Scene

Song: “Strange but True”

Album/EP: Single

Airy and clear, this is the dose of summertime windows-down driving indie we all need right about now. “Strange but True” exudes a breezy waviness that is difficult to resist: expect to be bopping in your seat before the runtime is up. Preferably while peering out your snowy window and letting the winter blahs melt away.


Artist: Infinite Third

Song: “Open(ing)”

Album/EP: Channel(s)

…but if you want to explore the winter blahs rather than escape them, then maybe “Open(ing)” is more your speed. The gentle movement and development of this instrumental isn’t quite trance-inducing, but definitely opens up avenues for meditative self-discovery. Like, why blah? And what does that meanLet your mind wander a bit with the plucked guitar and get back to me on that.


Artist: Svartanatt

Song: “Hit Him Down”

Album/EP: Starry Eagle Eye

Falling neatly into the nostalgic realm of late-stage classic rock, “Hit Him Down” may as well be an arena-rock revivalist movement. The hair is long, the guitars are heavy, the organ still has a place in rock ‘n roll – this post-psychedelic picture should be clearly painted already. Horns up, brothers and sisters.


Artist: Inner Circle Avenue

Song: “Goin’ Nowhere Fast”

Album/EP: Greetings From The Inner Circle

Remember that guilty pleasure pop rock we all used to listen to in the mid 2000s? Think you’ve got room for a bit more in your life? The disillusioned youth trope may be done to death but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be done well, and Inner Circle Avenue shows exactly how. Say what you will but catchy rallying cries are still appreciated for a reason.


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