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New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Sep 12, 2017): !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Joy Again, Primus, and more!

Artist: !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

Song: “NRGQ”

Album/EP: Shake The Shudder

One hell of a glamorous funk rock tune, this is a bonafide blitz of glitz. Pumping energy straight into your earbuds is a slick feat in “NRGQ”, with plenty of moving parts and heavy effects keeping the song fresh and exciting. But mostly importantly, it makes you dance. A lot.


Artist: Joy Again

Song: “Looking Out For You”

Album/EP: Joy Again

This catchy indie rock ditty definitely has a way of catching you. Lo-fi lyrics, a fantastically prominent bass, some shoestringy guitar, and boy-likes-girl heartaching fills out the rest of the endearingly shy song. And are those banjo chords I hear?


Artist: Primus

Song: “The Scheme”

Album/EP: The Desaturating Seven

It’s Primus, what do you expect? Jerky lyrics, disjointed riffs, and inventive songwriting underpin this alternative progressive offering. But most importantly, the bass. Oh, the bass. One of the thickest, most satisfying tones to buzz in your speakers for a long while.


Artist: Charlie Parr

Song: “Peaceful Valley”

Album/EP: Dog

A simplistic folksy bluegrass tune with some killer slide guitar and a catchy riff, there’s more lyrical depth than the instrumentals initially reveal. Parr’s drawl is perfectly suited for the whimsical tone of “Peaceful Valley”, but is clear enough to still hear what’s going on.


Artist: Low Sun

Song: “Round Soul”

Album/EP: Reservoir of Impermanent Bliss

Super atmospheric rock that easily lulls you into a lazy trance. Droning licks, hazy guitars, and a rolling wave of sound crashing into melancholic lyrics provides the perfect soundtrack for gazing at your wall – but not quite in a psychedelic way.


Artist: Spinning Coin

Song: “Sleepless”

Album/EP: Permo

Laid-back surfer rock a la Mac DeMarco, but a bit brighter and more upbeat. A delicate guitar meandering all over the fret board anchors the rest of the cascading tune, and just as you start to figure out the warbling lyrics, it slips away from you.



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