New Music from The Space Lady (Stay With Me on This One)

This is a whole branch of music known as “Outsider Music.”  This material is SO alternative, SO out there that the mainstream might as well be on the other side of the galaxy.  What makes it extra interesting is that the people making this music don’t care.  In fact, they have no clue of where they sit on the spectrum that defines “normal.”

All they care about is being able to express themselves with passion and enthusiasm despite a total lack of self-awareness of, well, talent.

That is NOT an insult.  Outsider musicians are unintentional renegades.  Their music is alternative to EVERYTHING.  They don’t observe standards or rules of music-making–mainly because many of them realize that there are standards and rules.  This can include everything from song structure to melody to playing in time or even singing in key

And let’s be clear:  outsider music is NOT novelty music.  This is real music made from the heart by real people who did not sit down to create music that was intentionally bad.  This is genuine stuff made with sheer unadulterated unselfconscious joy.

It is unpredictable, unsanitized, unedited, uncorrected compete self-expression.  And if you go into this music understanding that, you may end up find yourself experiencing the same joy as the performers themselves.

This brings me to The Space Lady. Boing Boing has a feature on her just as she released a new greatest hits album. You’re welcome.

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