New Ozzy Reality Show set for July

Ozzy Osbourne is going to have another reality show with his son Jack. Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour is a 10 episode series where the father and son visit historical landmarks around the world. Some of these locations include Stonehenge, Mount Rushmore, and Roswell.

The duo will also visit the Alamo so Ozzy can make amends for an incident in 1982 that landed him in some hot water. NME reports that: “Osbourne is alleged to have drunkenly urinated on the monument in San Antonio while wearing a dress belonging to his then future wife Sharon, who had hidden all his clothes so he couldn’t go outside”.

After this event, Ozzy was banned from visiting the memorial for 10 years.

In true Osbourne fashion, this new reality series will also explore some weirder sites, such as a Cold War-era missile silo. The Wrap announced that the show is set to premiere on July 27 on the History Channel.

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