New SSD hard drive can store HALF of all of Spotify’s catalogue

When I bought my first computer in the 90s, it had a 40 MEGAbyte hard drive and a whopping four MB of RAM. I later updated that to eight MB, which cost me about $800. Today, many of us are walking around with phones that with a capacity of 128 GB. And who remembers the iPod Classic with its 160 GB hard drive, capable of holding about 30,000 songs?

Phht. That’s nothing.

Nimbus Data just revealed its new ExaDrive DC100, a flash drive that packs 100 TERABYTES into a standard 3.5-inch form factor.

Put in a way music fans can understand, the DC100 can store up to 20 million songs, which is approximately half the number Spotify and the other streaming music services have in their library.

That also translates to 20,000 movies. On a desktop computer. On a single drive.

(Via New Atlas)

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2 thoughts on “New SSD hard drive can store HALF of all of Spotify’s catalogue

  • If heist movies have taught us anything, its don;t keep all your valuables in one place.

    Just make sure you save to buy two so you can back it up. Thats a LOT of data in one place.

  • Yes but when it fails…
    Just what is the life expectancy of a Solid State Drive?

    Oh and can we stop using the antiquated term “solid state”


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