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New Study on How Canadians are Reacting to Media Technology: Does Any of This Describe You?

Media Technology Monitor (MTM) has the results of a study on how Canadians are adopting media technology. You can find the full report here, but let me give you the executive summary.

  • Streaming music services continue to grow in popularity with Canadians. Year-over-year adoption is around 32%. That’s huge.
  • Spotify is the most popular streaming service in Canada with a 36% market share. It’s followed by Google Play at 28% and then Apple music at 23%.
  • Nearly one-fifth of landline phone subscribers are thinking of going with a cell phone only. This has implications for people who use their mobiles for everything, including music.
  • The most popular app use is for email and texting (89% of people use their mobiles for that), followed by weather (78%; how Canadian) and social networking (70%).
  • Interestingly, 55% of us use your phones for banking and about 30% of us are into using mobile pay apps.
  • Four in nine Canadians subscribe to Netflix. That’s 44% of us. But 3 in 10 subscribers say they share a Netflix password.

Where do you fit within these numbers?

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One thought on “New Study on How Canadians are Reacting to Media Technology: Does Any of This Describe You?

  • I’m surprised by the 30% using mobile pay apps. I didn’t think there were that many stores accepting them.

    Nothing else surprises me though. I use a streaming service, have no land line, subscribe Netflix (and not to cable TV) and I use my phone for weather, email/text and social networking. I do occasionally use it for banking although my finances are simple enough that I rarely have a need for on-the-go banking.


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