New Study Shows that Social Engagement with Music Can Make You Happier

It’s fairly well-known that listening to music can affect your mood. According to a new study out of Victoria, Australia’s Deakin University, attending live concerts and dancing with friends can positively affect your mood and make you happier.

From SFGate:

“Two researchers within different departments at the school interviewed a ‘geographically representative’ random sample of 1,000 Aussies via phone, asking them a series of questions relating to three categories: general life satisfaction, ‘personal wellbeing index,’ and their music engagement”.

In that last category, the participants were asked a number of questions about how they engaged with music, such as playing an instrument or attending concerts, and how often. The researchers found that the participants who mentioned dancing or going to live concerts, especially with other people, “reported a ‘significantly higher’ wellbeing score than those who did not engage with music in these respects. Those who engaged in ‘shared music making’ also reaped these benefits”.

So if you’re feeling a little down, why not gather up some friends and head to a local concert? It could cheer you up!

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