New Year’s Eve Musical Resolutions and Revolutions from Writer Brent Chittenden

I don’t usually do New Years Resolutions but I do tend to reflect a great amount this time of year. That’s part of why I ended up writing the 52 albums column for the past year. With that in mind, here are my musical New Years Resolutions.

1) Go to more live gigs. I’ve been slacking a little in the past few years but I went and saw Front Line Assembly and Revolting Cocks a month ago and it reminded me of how much I love seeing a band with a crowd. And in connection with that…

2) Go see Ghost live. I’ve been following these guys for a while and I’ve got to say, probably my current favorite metal band. They look like they put on a hell of a live show so hopefully, I’ll go see them the next time they are in Toronto.

3) Pay more attention to release dates/pre-order albums. I have to get into the habit of figuring out when an album I want is headed to stores and pre-order it. Due to my eclectic tastes and the general area I live in, I have two choices for new releases: Walmart and Sunrise Records. I’ll admit, I’ve been surprised at Walmart has been carrying as I was astounded seeing the new greatest hits package from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on their rack not to mention Goat Whore, neither of which I ever thought I’d see the day of seeing them in Walmart but my primary source is Sunrise. The ladies that work at my particular Sunrise have gotten really good and reading my tastes but they can’t order in everything just for me. I’ve got to get into the habit of ordering the lesser known stuff so I have it the day it’s released.

Weirdly, my album buying is going to start to mirror how I buy comic books. Go in once a week or every two weeks. Buy some new stuff, make sure I have the smaller stuff on order.

4) Finish 52 Albums That Changed My Life (and other exaggerations) The Book version. Yeah… bit of a cheap plug but it started here, gotta make sure I get it finished within the next year.

On that note, all my best to you and yours in the new year.

Brent Chittenden

Brent Chittenden is a freelance writer with a gift for the geek. Currently a writer with A Journal Of Musical Things and a podcaster with True North Nerds, he's also written for Comic Book Daily, Explore Music and a dozen other places. Currently, he is the co-host of the True North Nerds podcast. You can find out more at

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