New Zealand City Shut Down Because of a Threat Posed by a Cassette from a Noise Band

This past Friday was a little weird in Dunedin, New Zealand, when part of the centre of the city was shut down because of a suspicious package. Fair enough, but the package was a cassette from a local noise band called L.$.D. Fundraiser. Then again, the lyric sheet taped to the cassette did look a little threatening. It read:

”When there’s nothing left to lose.

i will firebomb your car.

i will hack into your computer.

i will leak trade & state


i will hammer holes in your office windows.

i will raise [sic] your buildings to

”the ground.

i will bring you down.”

The cassette was taped to the wall of a building as part of a free giveaway, which added to the confusion. The plan was revealed earlier on their Bandcamp page:

Free giveaway! On a wall hear (sic) you? limited run of XIII, C38, cassette tape. Longslowcomfortablescrewagainstthewalltapes #5

Apparently, the good citizens of Dunedin were unaware of this guerilla marketing campaign–or perhaps they were outraged by the bad grammar and spelling–and called the New Zealand Defence Force. Hey, if you see something, say something, right?

As the cops assess any criminal liability, please enjoy the song in question.

(Via Exclaim)

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