Nightclub Offer “Breathable Booze”

A London club called Alcoholic Architecture will get you drunk without you having to buy a single drink or even wandering up to the bar for that matter.. Their secret? Breathable booze.

The pop-up club uses a humidifier to pump vaporized gin and tonic into the air (the ratio is one part gin to three parts tonic) creating a cloud of alcohol–hence reference to the place as a “cloud bar.” And G&Ts aren’t the only option. Vodka tonics and other vaporizable concoctions are also available. (I’d best again rum and Coke because that would be kindy…sticky.)

To keep from stinking of booze (at least too much), customers are given plastic ponchos. The alcohol enters the body through the nose, mouth, eyes and skin, bypassing the liver and going straight to the bloodstream–and the brain.

The effect is rapid and intense. Visitors are kicked out after an hour so they don’t get too drunk.

This isn’t the first time something like this has been tried–a few places tried it back in the 90s–but it fell from favour until now. And given the amount of booze required to maintain an intoxicating cloud, it’s gotta be pretty expensive, too.

Did I mention that the bar is inside an old gothic cathedral?



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