Nissan’s Torture Test Involves Mariah Carey’s Music

When you buy a new car, you want it to be free from defects and problems. In an era of consumer vigilance, the last thing a manufacturer needs is a bad rating from Consumer Reports or JD Power. Vehicles must undergo rigorous testing before a model is released to the public.

Hot weather testing. Cold weather testing. Crash testing. Testing of the doors and engine and transmission. Slamming the doors over and over again. Looking for leaks. Looking for squeaks and ill-fitting pieces. Basically, they test every single component that goes into building the vehicle.

Nissan has been working hard to improve the quality of all their offerings. And with people more tech-savvy than ever, Nissan wants to make sure that their infotainment systems aren’t going to crap out.

Each new Nissan system is subjected to a crazy stress test: thumping German dance music and vocal gymnastics from Mariah Carey, both played very, very, very loud.

According to a Nissan press release (via Jalopnik):

Playing the stereo at high volume for a total of 1,200 days (that’s 1,728,000 minutes) using specifically selected music tracks to encompass the widest range of pitch and beat. These include Mariah Carey for the high notes and the thumping bass of German House music.

Now THAT’S a torture test.

Alan Cross

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