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No more concerts at the Air Canada Centre because…

…as of today (July 1), the building where the Leafs and Raptors play is now officially The Scotiabank Arena. The naming rights of The Hangar (as it was known to some) has reverted to one of the big banks for a fee of $800 million over 20 years. Apparently, Scotia is richer than we think.

Scotiabank has been working hard to be associated with hockey across the country for the last number of years. Having their name on the best-known rink in the country is a big deal from a marketing point of view–and, obviously very expensive.

And the investment goes beyond just a new name and some new signage, so a full transition from one branding to another is a big deal. There are more than 150 categories branded Air Canada that need to flip over to Scotiabank. What will stay the same? The criss-cross spotlights will be part of the new logo.

Each corner of the building will have new full-motion video screens. They will stand out against a new colour for the roof, which will be turned black. A new HD screen will replace the eight-year-old unit in Maple Leaf Square. Gates 2 and 6 will be reconfigured to shorten queues of people waiting to get in. A new 6,000 square-foot restaurant with theatre seating is being built in the northeast corner.

How long will it take for us to get used to the new name? Thirteen years after it became the Rogers Centre, I still often call it the Skydome. To me, the big arena in downtown Hamilton is the Copps Coliseum. This adjustment is going to take some time.

“ACC” was so much more fun to say that “Scotiabank Arena.” Suggestions for shortening that up into something a little more pithy?

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12 thoughts on “No more concerts at the Air Canada Centre because…

  • Curious about 2 things:

    1) Why does the link on Facebook focus on the fact that there will be no more live concerts at the venue, yet that is never discussed in the article? A little misleading, no?

    2) I can’t help but wonder why you “still often call it the Skydome,” as that is a completely different venue. I could see if you were talking about Rogers Centre (the former Skydome, where the Blue Jays play), but has anyone ever called the ACC “Skydome?”

    • 1. There will be no more concerts at the Air Canada Centre because the venue has been renamed The Scotiabank Arena. Simple, no?

      2. Changing the name of an iconic public venue is always very difficult. The point I’m making is that if we still call the Rogers Centre “Skydome” after 13 years, how long will we continue to called the Scotiabank Arena “The ACC?”

      • Still a little misleading with the tag line Alan. Almost click bate ish don’t you think?

        • Maybe, but by using the ellipses (…), it indicates more to follow. And it’s “clickbait.”

  • “The SCAB”?
    Not flattering but it is memorable 😉 Surprizinly rolls off the tongue!

  • Do you know about New Vision United Church in Hamilton, once Centenary and just beside Hamilton Place, which is being modified as a 1,000 seat music venue as well as regular worship and downtown outreach mission. It also has a full-sized Casavant organ.
    Arkells and Daniel Lanois apparently opened for them with initial concert in November. I understand the 500 to 1,000 seat concert venue is the most difficult size to find.

  • I’m going with “The Sco” for the new name, if my feet are put to a fire and I am forced to not say “ACC” any more. I also still call the other the Skydome. Always will.

  • SBA? Rolls of the tongue about as easily as ACC


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