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Not everyone is jazzed about the Rage Against the Machine reunion. Let’s go to the tweet machine!

No will argue that the politics of Rage Against the Machine has always leaned decidedly left. Therefore, it should come as no surprises that those on the right are looking at the reunion through a cynical lens.

There’s no mystery about the timing of Rage’s reunion announcement. It came almost one year to the day of the next US presidential election, which is November 3, 2020. They’re going to do their part to see that Donald Trump doesn’t win a second term.

A site called combed through some tweets about the reunion and found some interesting comments from the right.

This is gonna be interesting to watch. (Via Tim)

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2 thoughts on “Not everyone is jazzed about the Rage Against the Machine reunion. Let’s go to the tweet machine!

  • Most of these people have clearly demonstrated their inability to think critically or apply basic logic simply by their continued support of Trump. I’m not overly worried about, or even interested in, their opinions.

    Trump says, “Jump!” and the GOP says, “How high?” This is quickly followed by a denial and accusations of conspiracy by Trump, to which the GOP respond, “He never said jump, and we most certainly did not.”

  • Well, maybe the current administration is the Machine that they’ve been Raging about, and needs Raging Against.


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