Now Artists are Copying Britney Spears Videos

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all, Aleyna Dalveren must really want to complement Britney Spears.

First noticed by Perez Hilton and then picked up by that arbiter of music, culture and all things Britney, Cosmopolitan, Dalveren appears to be such a fan of Britney’s latest video she’s decided to appropriate it for herself.

The Turkish pop star appears to have borrowed heavily from, or taken serious notes while watching, the video for Spears’ new song, “Make Me…” I don’t speak Turkish so I can’t say anything about the lyrical content, but there are very similar scenes and staging to be found in Dalveren’s video for “Havam Yerinde.”  Spears’ video was released on Aug. 5 and Dalveren’s came out on Sept. 2.

Both videos feature their respective singer pulling up to a casting call in a very high-end, flashy sports car, walking past a line of exposed-chested men, before watching said men dance before her and her friends under the guise of trying to star in the singer’s latest video. There’s plenty of eye candy and ogling going on in both videos.

It doesn’t sound like Dalveren has copied the song writ large from Spears: the instrumentation is different, the beat is different, the tempo is different. If someone can translate the Turkish lyrics, it’d be easier to tell if there’s any overlap.

No word yet on whether Spears is ok with this reproduction, but to be fair, she’s in the middle of releasing an album and might not have seen the video yet.

Here are the two videos–decide for yourself whether it’s imitation or infringement.

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