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We Now Have a Site of the Official Hip-Hop Museum

It takes a long time to build a museum. You need funding, a location, architects, curators, artifacts and a location. But it’s finally coming together for the people behind what will be hip-hop’s official museum.

Many people were pushing for it to be somewhere in the Bronx, which, of course, was the birthplace of rap and hip hop. But those favouring Harlem with its historical importance to black music won out.

The organization behind the project announced late last week that a site on 125th street will be transformed into a 20-storey(!!!) museum, designed by the same firm responsible for Barack Obama’s museum.

Nice, but how can you fill 20 stories? Slowly.

When construction begins, the focus will be one phase one, which will include a ground floor cafe, a visitors bureau, a gallery and gift store on the main floor. The museum will be on the second floor along with an event space and a multi-media studio for television and film production. All that should be ready by sometime next year.

Then it’s time for phase two, which is projected to include a hotel, shopping (a mall has been mentioned), a sports bar and a concert lounge. There’s no projected completion date for any of that.

The people behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame must be insanely jealous.

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3 thoughts on “We Now Have a Site of the Official Hip-Hop Museum

  • hummel målmandstrøje

    Thanks for finally talking about >A Journal of Musical ThingsWe Now Have a Site of the Official Hip-Hop Museum – A Journal of Musical
    Things <Liked it!

  • So, with a Hip Hop Hall of Fame, can they finally clear out the Hip Hop stuff from the Rock & Roll Hall to make room for more actual rock acts?

    I think it’s important to recognize the crossover acts that influenced rock (Beastie Boys for example), but inducting all the old school rap groups is nothing but a cash grab by the hall to get more media coverage with non-rock audiences. Enough already.

    Have a special mention for those who helped the crossover by collaborating with rockers on a song (Run DMC with Aerosmith, Public Enemy with Anthrax), but they don’t deserve actual induction. They aren’t rock. And Tupac? NWA? Excellent hip hop artists that should be part of the inaugural induction in the Hip Hop Hall, but they have nothing to do with rock.

    The question you should ask yourself: Would it make any sense if the Hip Hop Hall inducted Aerosmith and Anthrax? If the answer is no, it should be the same the other way around.

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