Now that the Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson story is out on Disney+…

If all the streamers to host the story of Canada’s Pamela Anderson, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, and Tommy Lee’s penis, Disney+ is certainly an odd choice. Perhaps that’s why the hype around Pam & Tommy is so great.

Rather than give you a review of the show–there are plenty of those online already, and besides. I’m not paying for yet another streaming service; I have no kids–I thought I’d offer a couple of interesting Tommy Lee-related tidbits.

Tommy loves his piercings, which often caused problems at airports. On one occasion in Germany, he came up with a novel way of bypassing the metal detector. Sort of.

And if you do watch Pam & Tommy, you’ll be confronted by a third character: Tommy’s dick. It talks. In fact, he has repeated conversations with it.

This required an animatronic penis operated by four puppeteers.

Alan Cross

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