And Now, From the World of Tinfoil Hat Conspiracies and Music…

The disappearance of Malaysia MH370 has the conspiracy theorist in a lather.  Hijacking? Terrorism? Aliens? Something supernatural?  (I’m now of the opinion that everything can be explained by a cockpit emergency.) And the longer this goes on, the kookier the theories get.

The nuttiest ones have been gathered by The Wrap.  The plane’s invisible.  It was shot down by…someone. But here’s the best one:

6. Pitbull  and Shakira predicted (or…knew!?) that this would happen, and even sang about it in 2012 hit single “Get It Started.”Speaking of the Illuminati, those dedicated to exposing the top-secret society’s existence have taken to YouTube to explain the link between the missing plane and Pitbull’s lyrics.

“Now it’s off to Malaysia,” Pitbull sings at one point in the song. “Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.”

To the untrained eye, the lyrics may just be a simple coincidence. Thankfully, anonymous internet commenters have identified that the “two passports” is a reference to the stolen passports the two Iranians used to board the plane, while “three cities” refer to the capital cities of Malaysia, China and Vietnam, and the two countries are Malaysia and Vietnam.

Here’s the video for your frame-by-frame examination pleasure. Knock yourself out.

(Thanks to David Farrell for the link.  I think.)

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