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Oasis-Themed Dog Kennel Gets a Nasty Letter from Noel’s Daughter

I was driving through Beamsville, Ontario, the other day when I noticed a sign for a canine grooming and boarding service called Temple of the Dog.  Clever, innit?  I should have taken a photo and Instagramed it, but I was driving. Safety first, you know?

Which brings me to Morning Glory, a kennel in Finland with a name inspired by the title of the Oasis album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory.  Owner Ville Kormilainen is very proud of his facility  and the high quality purebred Labs he breeds.It’s clean, safe and run with the dogs’ best interests in mind.

Anaïs Gallagher, the 14 year-old daughter of Noel, is, however, unimpressed by Morning Glory’s, er, pedigree.  As a acolyte of the busybodies in PETA, she wrote a letter to Kormilainen teling him to cut it out.  “STOP BREEDING DOGS!” she whinged.  

She’s concerned about the health issues endured by some purebreds and the large number of unwanted dogs. A noble position, yes, given the number of bad breeders out there but misguided when it comes to the Morning Glory kennel.

Kormilainen wrote back:  

Responsible labrador breeding needs to be separated from puppy mills. For example, when it comes to registered labradors as we are planning to breed, we are working very closely with the Labrador Club of Finland as well as Finnish Kennel Club. Both organizations have made very strict regulations on breeding in order to breed healthy dogs. Of course I am aware of the risks and bad breeding, but in a small scale breeding as we are planning to do, the main focus is on breeding healthy puppies. The most important thing in breeding is to try to breed dogs in a way that helps labrador retrievers to become healthier. This is also the main focus of the Labrador Club of Finland as well as the vast majority of breeders in Finland.

Our girls and boys are always tested thoroughly before used in breeding. This includes x-rays of elbows and hips as well as eye control. Besides that, we are taking a certain amount of genetics. I am personally using Finnish testing service called MyDogDNA. It helps us getting a unique DNA profile for Sulo, Mauri, Martta and Noora and test them for inherited disorders and traits. It is also important to discover the inherited characteristics impacting the dog health, such as hereditary disorders and the level of inbreeding within their breed.

Finally, what is comes to PRA [Progressive retinal atrophy], I will have to correct a bit. PRA has almost disappeared from the world since active gene testing. Nowadays it is very, very rare, almost impossible to find a labrador with PRA in Finland.

In other words, “Thanks, kid, but I know what I’m doing.” Read the whole article at The NME.

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