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Odd history: How Nickelback became the most hated band in rock

I’ve never understood the irrational hatred directed toward Nickelback. Sure, you may not like their music, but the vitriol directed their way achieved stupid proportions years ago.

Ever wonder where this hate came from or what they did to deserve it? Me, too. Maybe this video will explain it. Or maybe not.


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One thought on “Odd history: How Nickelback became the most hated band in rock

  • Alan, maybe this classic lyric will help you understand the hatred for Nickelback…

    “It’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans”.

    Nobody would hate Nickelback so much if they weren’t so popular and played endlessly on the radio. People hate that so many people like garbage music, especially when they are so many other bands that are better than Nickelback that don’t have a quarter of the success and popularity that Nickelback has (many of them Canadian).

    People’s hatred for Nickelback may be a bit irrational, but it’s because Nickelback is the quintessential example of what’s wrong with rock music today and how many people have such bad taste in music.


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