When are You Officially Too Old to Go to Clubs?

There comes that moment in every guy’s like when he becomes that creepy old guy at the dance club. Even if you’re not creepy and you’re there the love of the scene the music and the dancing, you have a best-before date. I can’t speak for women, but I’m sure there’s that time when that I-Don’t-Belong-Here feeling kicks in.

But when does that happen? At what age are you officially too old to go clubbing? How can we avoid the embarrassment of being uncooly old without realizing it? (Note that I’m talking about dance clubs and not going to a venue to see live music.) Fortunately, for the ageing, there’s a new study that can help.

Let’s cut to the chase. The official too-old-to-club age is 37. Here’s the story from MixMag:

It’s here. We finally have cold, hard scientific evidence of when you can no longer show your face in a nightclub because you’re too old. Apparently.

According to a new study that appears to be carried out by Currys PC World (they are the only people to offer up any statement on the results), if you’re 37 it is officially “tragic” for you to go to a nightclub.

Meanwhile, the research states 31 is the year we start preferring to stay in over going out.

Nearly half of respondents said they prefer to stay at home in front of the TV in general, regardless of weather, while the expenses of a night out were also one of the big excuses.

The rest of the story can be found here. Read on for how to spend your evenings stalking people on social media.




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