Okay, This Wins: The Craziest Band Name EVER

Finding a name for your band can be so hard that some people just go “F**k it, let’s go with something stupid. At least it will make everyone laugh.” This attitude has given us Hitler’s Underpants, Diarrhea Planet, Dayglo Abortions, Broken Penis Orchestra, Hot Buttered Anal, etc. But this band from Durban, South Africa, wins the Bad Name Award™ from now until the heat death of the universe.

But this band from Durban, South Africa, wins the Bad Name Award™ from now until the heat death of the universe. They are called (take a deep breath):

Acidic Vaginal Liquid Explosion Generated By Mass Amounts Of Filthy Fecal Fisting And Sadistic Septic Syphilic Sodomy Inside The Infected Maggot Infested Womb Of A Molested Nun Dying Under The Roof Of A Burning Church While A Priest Watches And Ejaculates In Immense Perverse Pleasure Over His First Fresh Fetus.

If that’s too much, you can call them XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX for short.

This, as far as Facebook tells us, is a real band specializing in “gore grind” and consisting of Duncan Bentley (vocals), Kris Xenopoulos (instruments) and Lord Necrotic Gore Bong (more instruments).

Naturally, they have a logo.

Xavlegbma - Logo

And here’s the cover of their debut EP which is set for release on July 20. I can’t wait. (Thanks to Danny for the link. I think.)

Xavlegbma - Gore

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4 thoughts on “Okay, This Wins: The Craziest Band Name EVER

  • Not the longest name though, there’s a band from Finland whose name is monger. Do your research better bud.

    • Replying to a blog post from 2016? Oh… odd. Do YOUR research better, bud. 😉

      (Waits for someone to reply to me about being just as bad…..)

      • Typical to be replying to a blog post from 2023 replying to a blog post from 2016. Do your research better. Obviously the best band is Xnoipopop[jacifouhew0pfhnboiahnds[p0o1239eru138ryhfcnacpahq1239f97xXDestroyerXx8287gbadhsaugasfuaisghdfcioshfva890h2389fwyf809hvf8hgfa90dfhs9fhj9csahufainnnsdfhj932lolyoureactuallyreadingthisjf9809nbiuagdgffpeepeepoopoocmonbarbieletsgoparty9000

  • I think the award goes to first band name like mentioned in this post. Now everyone knows, that we can generate longer and longer, but it wouldn’t surprise as much anymore. I can imagine band name or story content could be more interesting, but longiness is off. Don’t stretch your d!ck, it’s done already.


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